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Tips For Writing a Vacation Journal

You can find many how to journal articles online. This article gives great tips that will help you enjoy your vacagtion long after you've returned to your day to day life. Key Takeaways: Use phone app - Article suggests Day One Document your Intinerary if you have one All entries do not have to be…
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Beginner’s Guide To Snowshoeing

REI gives great detail in this snowshoeing guide. People say if you can walk you can snowshoe, that is true, but it's much more fun when you have the right gear and know basic techniques. Read the entire article here: Key Takeaways: Learn how to choose snowshoes and what to wear to stay comfortable Trail…
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Winter Fun With Our Feathered Friends

Sunday February 11, 2018 2pm-4pm at Rainy Lake Visitors Center Find Details about the event. Learn to identify winter birds common to the park. Learn how to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count February 16th-19th Key Takeaways: Educator is local naturalist, Noelle Grunwald Identify area birds Make a bird treat to take home Read…
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Top 10 Winter Experiences at Voyageurs National Park

[caption id="attachment_3177" align="alignright" width="336"] Cross country skiing in wood[/caption] This is a must read article for all those who love our Minnesota winters and want to experience an outdoor adventure. Key Takeaways: Find best places for Cross Country skiing Best way to explore the park on snowshoes Snowmobiling in the frozen lakes and safe portages…
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The Crane Lake Challenge

March 3rd and 4th, 2018 Snowmobile Racing at its Best! This overhead photo was taken in 2016 when hundreds of spectators got to witness an amazing speed of 178.2 miles per hour on our 1,000 feet of shaved ice. On March 4th, 2017, the top speed was 177.4 mph! This is a great event for…
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Fishing for Whitefish

Article by Gord Pyzer There is a possibility that you could hook a nice Whitefish while fishing the Crane Lake Area. People who have eaten Whitefish say it tastes like Walleye, there are even some who prefer it. This article has detailed information on how to catch Whitefish averaging 5 to 10 pounds and possibly…
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International Falls/ Fort Frances

This is a good article for those guests that want to take a day trip into Canada. The Fort Frances crossing into Canada is the busiest crossing in Minnesota and is used by local residents and vacationers. May through June is the busiest time due to fishing traffic. Holidays can also be a busy time…
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Snowmobile Vacation In The Crane Lake Area

If you are thinking about a snowmobile vacation in the Crane Lake Area you will want to visit the Voyageyr Trail Society website. There are good articles on the website,  which give details on trail rules and development history. Key Takeaways: In 94-95 a marked groomed trail system on the frozen lakes of Voyageur National Park…
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4th of July Parade & Fireworks

Join us to celebrate Independence Day on Wednesday, July 4th. There is no better place to be than Crane Lake!  Our world famous parade is always on the 4th - it starts at 7:00 p.m. and goes down the main street of Crane Lake (Gold Coast Road). Come at 6:30 for line up and if you want…
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