7 Tips For Freezing Fish

Published On: May 25, 20180.9 min read
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Saving all that precious meat does come with some perils, as most fish–Crane-Lake-mn-Fishing-Freezing-Fish-Tipswhether frozen whole or as fillets–are especially prone to going bad in the freezer. But with some care, and by following these tips, anglers are guaranteed a wonderful meal of nearly fresh fish months down the road.

1. Remember the old adage, “Quality in equals quality out.” Take care of your catch from the moment it leaves the water. Don’t let it flop around on the ground or in the bottom of the boat, which can bruise its flesh. If you don’t have a livewell, get it on ice immediately.

2. Once the fish is home and processed, rinse it well with cold water to eliminate any contaminants that can create off flavors in the freezer.

3. When packaging your fish for the freezer, sort the fillets into meal-sized portions. This way you only thaw as much as you plan to eat in one sitting. Never refreeze previously frozen fish.

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