Beach Activities

Published On: August 7, 20180.8 min read
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Its good to have a list of easy activities for when kids get tired or bored. Here is a list of favorite beach games that anyone can play.

  • Bring an inflatable pool for kids under two. Fill with a little water and have fun in a safer way.
  • Have kids collect shells and rocks and then later have them sort by size, type, and color.
  • Play Pictionary in the sand. You can use; word cards for older kids and pictures for younger kids. Take turns drawing the images in the sand while the rest of the group tries to guess what the sand drawing is.
  • Play musical towels
  • Make a sand castle and have kids jump over it whoever knocks it down has to build the next one.
  • Have a treasure hunt on the beach. Hide 10 objects and then have the kids find them.


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