Beach Games For Your Next Resort Vacation

Published On: March 1, 20181.4 min read
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Make your next resort vacation fun for the smallest kids in the family boy playing in the lakeby having fun and easy games they can play while waiting for dinner, or to keep them occupied when the older kids are playing with their friends and the little ones are feeling left out.

Here are a few beach game ideas that don’t require pre-planning:

1) Beach Relay! Place buckets on the beach. Have kids fill cups with water and race to the bucket to empty. Whoever fills their bucket first wins!

2) Sandcastle Art – Use a funnel or make one by cutting off a gallon jug. fill funnel with sand, pour water into funnel and let the sand drip out. Continue until you have created a beautiful but simple castle.

3) Shell & Stick Art – Find shells and small sticks and then create a picture using your findings Frame the picture by drawing a square around your art. Post to Facebook and share the comments with your kids.

4) Musical Towels – Place towels on sand, turn on your cell phone to your favorite music and let the kids find their spot before the music stops. Remove towels until there is a winner!

5) Sand Targets – draw targets in the sand and place a number value in each target. Kids find rocks and aim for the targets, whoever gets the highest number wins.

6) Beach Golf – dig holes in the sand and have kids roll tennis balls into the holes. Whoever gets their ball in the hole using the least number of tosses wins.

Here’s to making great resort vacation memories!