Crane Lake – Top 8 Most-Loved Lake

Published On: August 5, 20190.7 min read
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Written by MPR News staff.

Crane Lake has made the top eight in our Most-Loved Lake Contest.

See all the finalists and cast your vote here.

Just about 120 people live on Crane Lake year-round, but it still has love from people who get to spend just part of their time on the lake. Like James Reiling, as he told us via the Public Insight Network, or PIN.

Crane Lake's 'Gold Coast,' circa 1968.
Crane Lake’s “Gold Coast,” circa 1968.
Minnesota Historical Society

“Our family has been vacationing at Crane Lake since late 70s. This will be our fourth summer retired and spending our forth year retired and spending our spring, summer and fall at Crane Lake. Crane provides access to many other fantastic lakes with great fishing, water sports, hiking …….

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