Elusive Northern Lights in Crane Lake

Published On: January 17, 20201.4 min read
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Whether your focus is to see the elusive Northern Lights or simply gaze at the incredible amount of stars that can be seen due to lack of light pollution, Crane Lake and Voyageurs National Park is a great place to start.

The Aurora Borealis or “Northern Lights” are a spectacle not everyone has the chance to see. The phenomena is caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind and storms. The charged particles appear in the night sky as bands of brilliant green, white, and sometimes even red or pink. Generally, the closer you are to the Arctic Circle the better your chances to see them. You also need a cloudless night and with any luck temperatures that are above zero. There are several apps you can download to your mobile device available that will notify you when your chances are highest for viewing.

While winter is the best opportunity to see the Northern Lights, come in the summer and give it a shot. If you don’t get to see the Northern Lights, you will still get to see the beautiful night sky. The Heart of the Continent Partnership is working with Voyageurs National Park to become a designated dark sky designation in 2020!

The Heart of the Continent Partnership (HOCP) is a Canadian/American coalition of land managers and local stakeholders working together on cross-border projects that promote the economic, cultural and natural health of the lakes, forests and communities on the Ontario/Minnesota border. Representing a broad array of organizations, the partnership seeks to develop a common identity and sense of belonging.  Click here for more information about The Heart of the Continent Partnership.