Fishing for Whitefish

Published On: January 30, 20180.6 min read
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Fishing-for-Whitefish-Crane-Lake-MNArticle by Gord Pyzer

There is a possibility that you could hook a nice Whitefish while fishing the Crane Lake Area. People who have eaten Whitefish say it tastes like Walleye, there are even some who prefer it. This article has detailed information on how to catch Whitefish averaging 5 to 10 pounds and possibly even 12 to 15 pounds.

Key Takeaways

  • Record Whitefish is 42-pounds off of Isle Royale
  • White fish hang in the same waters that lake trout like
  • They stay in a school making it easier to catch quantities
  • Delicious when smoked
  • Like deep water, 40 to 60-feet