Fishing Is Good For Relationships

Published On: August 7, 20181 min read
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Realize that when you take your kids fishing you are actually doing something very important. Adults can use the fishing experience to teach kids much more than how to catch a fish.

  • A father-son or father-daughter fishing trip leaves more time for a one-on-one chat than most other activities. You can focus all your attention on your child.
  • Real conversations – The quiet stillness of a lake and the relaxing nature of waiting for fish to bite fosters plenty of conversation, some of which would be awkward to broach over the dinner table. 
  • Teaching your child a new skill that they may use for the rest of their lives adds a new dimension to many father/child relationships. Kids are now teaching their parents how to use new technology, it’s nice to finally be able to teach them a valuable hobby.
  • Making memories that last a lifetime – as your child grows older they will spend less time with their parents. 
  • Instilling a love for the great outdoors – The opportunity to share nature, a love of fresh air, beautiful views, and sunshine without the need for technology can help combat the effects of an indoor lifestyle.

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