How To Keep Kids Cool During Extreme Heat

Published On: August 7, 20181.1 min read
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It is important to keep your kids cool in extreme summer heat. Vacations are a blast until someone gets overheated or worse, gets heat stroke. Here are some ways to help cool down your children and avoid heat sickness. 

Most resorts offer some type of sunshade either over chairs or tables for guests to use while on the beach. It’s a good idea to grab one of these spots early in the day to make sure you have protection from the sun.

In the heat of the day, try getting the kids to sit and play games or enjoy a healthy snack, taking small breaks from the sun can be helpful.

It’s good to start hydrating days in advance of extreme heat. Staying hydrated is very important when kids are active or outside in full sunlight. 

Wearing cotton often has a cooling effect, avoid polyester and silk on very hot days. Polyester is often used to protect us from the sun, but won’t help keep our bodies cool.

Your body warms up as it works to process larger meals. Metabolic heat is needed to break down food, so eating smaller portions can help keep you cooler.

Keep your feet cool by wearing sandals and putting your feet in cool water should help you cool down.