International Wolf Center

Published On: April 27, 20181 min read
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Tripadvisor has over 500 reviews by vacationers who have visited the International Wolf visit-crane-lake-international-wolf-centerCenter. Out of the 500 reviews over 300 of them have given the attraction an excellent review. 

January 2018 Laurie said:

Great family experience!!!

Our family did the “Wolf Family Rendezvous” and we stayed overnight at the wolf center. It was an amazing experience!! My two girls ages 5 and 6 loved it and we all learned so much! It was an amazing experience to see the ambassador wolves interact with each other at the center. There is just nothing else like it out there. From inside the center there is not a bad view into the wolves enclosure. They are doing awesome work educating people about wolves and how they impact nature and their surroundings. I am excited to follow the pack and go back and see them again.