Kayak Safety

Published On: April 27, 20181.3 min read
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Be sure to try everything so you know how to use it all. Some of these items are simple to use, others are a little more complicated:
  • PFD: Your personal flotation device should fit snugly and always be on—and there’s never a kayak outing where you can forgo the PFD.
  • Whistle: Attach it to your PFD. One blast is for attention; three blasts is “help.” If you forget how many, just keep blasting away until a rescuer arrives.
  • Communication Device: If you’ll ever be out of whistle range of someone on shore, you need another way to call for help. If cell coverage is stellar everywhere, you can bring a cellphone in a waterproof case. Otherwise you need a VHF radio.
  • Bilge Pump: Handy when your bottomside is in a puddle; vital if you capsize and have a boatful of H20 to purge.
  • Spare Paddle: One per paddler is best, though a group can also share one or two spares.
  • Paddle Float: This self-rescue gear requires training to use. (If the group’s rescuer can’t help you, you’ll have to rescue yourself.)
  • Towline: in case someone can’t get to shore on their own.
  • Headlamp: in case you’re out longer than you anticipated.

Read More: https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/kayak-safety.html

The list above includes the minimum safety gear we recommended by REI. For a more comprehensive list, plus other essentials, see the REI kayaking checklist.