Keeping Your Bait Alive

Published On: May 25, 20181.1 min read
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This is an essential tool for keeping any aquatic bait alive during the summer. There are tons of aerators on the market. The key to choosing the right aerator is making sure you look at the amount of water it can aerate. Also, adding ice to your water will help protect baitfish, however, only a few cubes because adding too much can cause baitfish to go into shock.

Making sure your worms have good bedding will give them the strength to withstand harsher conditions. Make sure to always keep worms out of direct sunlight. Frabill Crawler Cabins are great because they absorb water and act like a cooler to keep worms cool and lively.

Ice Coolers
One great way to keep worms alive is to take a small drink cooler and freeze two or three inches of water at the bottom. This will keep your worms fresh for several hours and will not melt as quickly as ice that is chunked and separated. Also, adding an ice pack or two can help. Containers like Frabill’s Universal Bait Can are great for night crawlers. Simply throw ice in one side and crawlers in the other before you go fishing.

Insulated Containers
This container not only aerates the water, but it also insulates the bait…Read more: