MidWest Outdoors – Crane Lake Adventure for Smallmouth

Published On: May 25, 20180.8 min read
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Roger Cormier from Midwest outdoors. I am blessed in my line of work where from time to time I
get to take my boys fishing and do some shows and this is one of those segments. We’re up in northern
Minnesota and Crane Lake doing some multi-species fishing up here. We’re starting out by fishing
some bass, it’s a beautiful afternoon up here and man you want to talk about fun for the kids, it’s top
water bass fishing experience. Kids can see the strike and in this part of the country smallmouth bass
are King. Great part of the world to go fishing at northern Minnesota on the western edge of the
Boundary Waters. There are lots of places to stay up here that we’re gonna talk about as well as the ways
that we can catch some fish.