Northern Minnesota Resorts Highlight – Scott’s Peaceful Valley

Published On: February 3, 20215.1 min read
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Minnesota Resorts History

Making Memories Since 1941

Go back in time to 1941 in the Crane Lake, MN area, and you’d see a number of family-owned resorts dotting the shoreline of surrounding lakes. Winding gravel roads then took anglers primarily to small outposts that provided family-vacation and great fishing both.

One of those classic northern Minnesota resorts that has stood the test of time, and still remains in the family, is Scott’s Peaceful Valley resort.  Owners Rob and Missy Scott can look back on 3 previous generations of ownership, while bridging the gap forward to 3 more generations into the future, with their grand-daughter enjoying some of her first trips to the resort in the past year.

That’s a 7-generation legacy of family-focus in ownership and experience for vacationers looking to enjoy the Minnesota Northwoods.

Timeless Beaches, Swimming, Fishing, and Outdoor Adventures

In 1981 when Rob and Missy took over, participation in the outdoors was at a high point with traditional resorts serving the needs of so many people who loved a relaxing getaway and fishing destination both.

Cabins Up North

These days, fishing is still a big focus at the resort. Rob offers, “Back then, dad would head out at sunrise and not be back until dark.” These days, it’s more common to see families head out to the lake together and spend some time on the many islands, beaches, and day-use campsites throughout the connecting lakes. “Nowadays, dad still gets to fish, but the whole family has fun running down the beach, swimming, or just sight-seeing,” says Scott, who often recommends great sights to see and things to do for those staying at Peaceful Valley.

Fishing isn’t the only thing that attracts people to the Crane Lake area. Rob and Missy have seen an influx of folks who like to ATV in the area, hunt grouse in the fall, and even prefer just to go hiking on nearby trails. “One of the best things to see here is the Vermillion River Gorge, and we’ve got a hiking trail behind the resort that leads right to it. It’s a short hike just a little over a mile, and people love going there to see it,” says Scott. Among all the other things to do, there’s plenty people who just love spending most of their time at the resort too.

Full Service Northern Minnesota Resort on Crane Lake

“We focus on being a home away from home,” says Scott, who has learned that resort-goers love not having to worry about all the extras when they come to a resort like his. “We’re full service. We’ve got the grill, but also the charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches. I can even fillet your fish for you. If you forgot some towels, we’ve got extras. Little stuff like that has gone a long ways in keeping our customers coming back for not just years, but generations,” says Scott.

The extras aren’t extra in price either, a common sticking point among many lake resorts. “There’s no service charges, add-on rates, docking or parking fees. We don’t charge rent for a boat slip and add it to your bill at the end of your stay either,” mentions Scott. Unfortunately, that’s become more and more common in recent years, but the pricing and simple way people are treated at Peaceful Valley hearkens back to an older time. It not only speaks to the family-run aspect and generations of service, but to the fact that this is a vacation spot for families, offering great value and fun for a reasonable price.

Modern Cabins Up North

Speaking of family, Scott’s Peaceful Valley has plenty to keep folks busy. Kids can explore the beach, swings, horseshoes and other resort games, while there’s tables and deck space for adults to keep tabs and enjoy themselves as well. Rob adds, “people can unplug here, or stay plugged in – their choice. Modern cabins are appointed with modern conveniences. We’ve got WiFi that serves the entire campground, so we let the parents dictate what kind of trip they want to have.”

Scotts Peaceful ValleyGot A Question – Scott’s Has The Answer For You!

In all the years the Scott’s have aided vacationers in the Northwoods, they’ve served as general guides to the fun and entertainment in the area. “If you want to go to a casino, shop in the area, or even go to church, I can point you in the right direction,” says Scott. “If you want to go to a local watering hole, head in for a good burger, or get a steak somewhere, I can tell you where.” It’s an advantage for families to have a host that as known the area as well and as long as the Scott’s have, making your trip that much easier and convenient.

It’s a testament to the area, and a testament to the resort that the Scott’s have been in business as long as they have. “We’ve had families coming up here since the 1950’s and 60’s that I still get to see every year,” says Scott. “Most of them book their stay before April, so now is a great time to get some good dates on the calendar.” Each season offers its own attraction, but there’s something for everyone to see and do at Scott’s Peaceful Valley.


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