Saftey Tips When Towing Tubes & Water Devices

Published On: April 26, 20181.2 min read
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Resort vacations offer plenty of activities for their guests. Favorite vacation activities involves swimming, boating, skiing and tubing. Many resorts offer boat and ski rental. It’s important to know all the water safety procedures before loading the boat with kids and toys. If your not familar with the rules or are not used to driving a boat, it’s best to bring someone with experience along. Get state specific regulations and take an saftey course if possible.

Here are a few saftey tips:


  • Check your equipment – make sure the towing cleat or transom eyes are tight and secure. You should also check the towable equipment before each use. Read your owner’s manual for proper inflation and other safety issues relating to the particular piece of equipment.
  • Select a safe area to tow – There should be a minimum of 100 feet of open water on each side of the boat, 3,000 feet of unobstructed waterway in front of the boat and there should be no in-the-water obstructions such as docks, pilings, rocks, speed signs, etc.
  • State or local law may restrict towing areas. Check your State and local laws and ordinances prior to towing.
  • Make sure the person(s) being towed are wearing their life jackets.

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