Vacations – Taking Along Your Kids Friends: What You Need To Know

Published On: June 20, 20180.8 min read
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It seems like a win-win — invite your child’s best friend to join you on vacation so he or she has a built-in playmate. But before you offer, consider the pros and cons.

Choose the right friend – usually a well-behaved kid who shares your child’s temperament and interests
How well do you know the friend’s parents?
Do you share parenting styles and values?
How will you discipline?
Consider the costs – Are you able to pay for an extra person, larger lodging, food, attractions, shopping, and snacks.
Setting rules
Anticipate Homesickness
Plan for minor health issues
Be prepared for emergencies
Have boarder paperwork if necessary

The best guests to bring along are kids you know well and have a long-standing friendship with your child. Start with a short trip and see how it goes. Are the kids able to stay on their best behavior in front of their company?