Teaching Kids To Fish

Published On: March 27, 20181 min read
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Fishing can be one of the most benefical sports that you teach your young children. A love of fishing can help promote a genuine love for the great outdoors.

If you’ve already made your vacation reservation you can check the resort website for lake info. If you need more information call the resort owner and ask if fish can be caught from the dock or if one needs to rent a boat. A little research beforehand can help determine what gear will be needed. Get your fishing license in advance and learn the rules for the state you are visiting.

  • Safety First – Make sure there are life jackets availalble or bring your own
  • Practice casting before you get near the water
  • Simple gear works best for young children, dont expect them to handle a long fly rod
  • Artifical baits are easy to use and kids who are more squimmish should not mind poking a hole through a plastic worm
  • Fishing takes patience, show kids how to land a fish properly so they get to feel of success
  • Make it fun!

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