Tips For Better Vacation Photo’s

Published On: April 27, 20181.2 min read
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Great vacation photo’s help remind you of the fun you had and assist in telling your story. How many times have you come home and looked at your photo’s to find many were out of focus or even worse, your favorite experiences were not even recorded. Check out the following vacation photo tips to help ensure all your memories were captured.

  • Research your vacation destination and record all the places where you want to capture pictures. Ask the locals if there are any places off the beaten path that might make for interesting photographs or video.
  •  Look for unique angles such as carefully climbing high above your subjects, or getting the camera low to the ground for a change in viewpoint.
  • Take some candid photos during the vacation of everyone having fun. You can capture great expressions and moments when your subject isn’t aware that the camera is pointed at them.
  • Take a variety of photos: wide establishing shots that show the whole scene, as well as photos that focus on one subject. This will help you tell a more complete story of your trip.
  • Pass the camera around. How will anyone know you were there if you stay behind the camera the entire time? Have others in your group take pictures or shoot video of you having fun too.

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