Top 5 Safety Tips for Snowshoeing

Published On: February 4, 20190.9 min read
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Many of us preach the ‘if you can walk, you can snowshoe’ mantra to anyone who willCrane-Lake-MN-Skiing-and-Snowshoeing-Trails listen, and we’re right…for the most part.

Compared to skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing has a lower barrier of entry. This means great things for those of us who want to try something new or want a low-impact winter sport, but also creates a natural inclination to be slightly less prepared for what a day of snowshoeing may throw at us. We are quick to forget that an easy activity in optimal conditions is a world apart from the same activity in a challenging environment.

Feed for fuel

Many casual snowshoers forget that we can dehydrate just as easily in the winter as we do in the summer, if not more. In combination with the high-calorie burn (up to 1,000 calories an hour) and energy expenditure of snowshoeing, this means nutrition should be an important consideration both before and during an expedition.

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