Vacation Destination – Surviving The Car Trip With Kids

Published On: March 27, 20180.7 min read
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You’ve planned a beautiful resort vacation up north and it’s finally check in day! The car is packed and everyone is egarly anticipating the vacation ahead. Hopefully everyone had a great nights sleep as sleep deprevation leads to frazzled nerves and unsafe driving. Here are a few tips that will help keep everyone in a good mood.

  • Pack a bag with car essentials, hats, extra clothes, sun screen and snacks so you dont have to dig thru the suitecase
  • Prepare for pit stops, kids usually can’t sit for more than two hours at a time
  • Plan to stop and do something enjoyable, research interesting sights along the way
  • Newer apps will help you find food, rest areas and fun activities
  • Pack lots of snacks and drinks
  • Bring nap time toys which might help younger kids nap in the car

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