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Winter Trail Reports

March 3, 2015

This is the week??Crane Lake Challenge!!!! Come to Crane Lake an take in the races this Saturday registration starts at 8 am and racing runs to 3.   Groomers are still running four times a week and condition remains very good.  We hope to get at least two to three more weekends out of this season!! …
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February 24, 2015

Another 6? of snow this week has really done  a bunch to assist the groomer operators in filling as many bumps in the trail as possible.  Traffic has been steady and riders are reporting great condition.  This writer put on 100 miles yesterday and found minimal bumps, and the bumps that we found are in…
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February 18, 2015

Trails continue to hold with the colder weather.  Our groomers are out on the trails 4 days a week so things up in the North are tidy and ready to ride.   Riders are reporting some minor bumps in the trails, but in general excellent conditions exist in the Northland? Remember the Crane Lake Challenge is…
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January 26, 2015

HOOORAY last night and today we have received 4-5 inches of the golden white stuff!!!  As we write this it is still snowing but it has slowed significantly, but we will take anything we can get.  Snow is also in the forecast for Wednesday, so keep  your fingers crossed!  Groomers will be out this week…
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January 15, 2015

Conditions in our area are holding!!  The cooler temps have made the snow we have set nicely and riders are reporting decent trails.  There is currently snow in the forecast the next week so we are hoping those that predict get it right!  All area club trails a have been groomed and will be groomed…
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