June 22 Fishing Report

Jim Janssen, owner of Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats, reported that the fish are moving out.  "Most of our walleye action has been in depths of 15’-20’.   A jig, with leech or crawler, is working best.  Bass reports say they are starting to move from the beds."

While staying at Pine Point Lodge, Resort and Motel this past week, Larry, a long time guest, reported: "I used a 6'-7' snell with a red hook, a glow bead and leech and caught all the walleyes we wanted. That was it!  Nothing in 15' or 16' of water, it had to be 17’-18'.  The best part, most were in the 20" plus range. It was a blast! The fish were everywhere.  We caught plenty in the meal eating size, too."  Another guest, Mark, reported that walleyes have started to transition deeper off the shorelines. He targeted shoreline breaks in the depth range of 8 to 12 feet.  For numbers of fish his group used Lindy rigs or long lines with a plain hook and a leech. Bigger walleyes have been caught trolling shad raps. Most of the bigger walleyes were coming in less than 9’ of water.  Trolling shad raps at a speed of 1.8 to 2.4 has been the best.

The bass fishermen continue to lose count on how many 18", 19" and 20" bass that they've been catching  and releasing with most caught on top water baits.Richard Rowe 19

Michael, from Scottsdale, AZ, had his best fishing ever with pike releases in the 29” – 39”.  Top water baits were the best to use in silver or grey colors along with buzz baits casting in waters 5’ above the weeds.  It's a fish fest!

Bruce Beste, owner of Cabins on Crane,  had fun with some kids - assigning them camp names:   Isabel (camp name - Mabel) and Ian (camp name - Marty) from Mora, MN caught a mess of crappies and walleyes with their mom and dad on Saturday, fishing at Kicker Boulevard on Sand Point lake and in the Gorge of the Vermilion River.brcue june 22 2

One group reported their best fishing for walleyes was in Handberg’s Bay.  Sometimes you just don’t need to go too far.  They fished with jigs tipped with leeches and minnows.  They also reported catching a few large smallmouth bass throwing shad-raps and other crank baits in Crane Lake in 4' to 7’ of water.walleye

An Owatonna party of three, on Monday, caught 14 walleyes on jigs and leeches in 14’ of water on Sand Point Lake.

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