May 25th Fishing Report

Mark W, a guest at Pine Point Lodge, Resort & Motel, stated his fishing experience was fantastic.  The best depth of water for large mouths has been less than 3ft.  He caught a 4 pounder in 65 degree water temperature on May 23rd using a gold jerk bait.   Finding the warm water seems to be the trick.  For small mouth bass, Marc S, from Pine Point reported he has been catching several bass in the 18 - 20" range on swim baits tight to the rocky, wind blown shorelines.  ANTHONY MAY 25jeff rollinson 19Walleyes are shallow with leeches being the best bait to use right now with the warming water.  Spinner baits have been working great for the larger northern pike with white being the best color.


Jerry, from Nelson's Resort, reported good walleye fishing again this weekend with many in the 24" to 28" range released. Also many slot fish for eating.  Leeches seemed to be the hot bait.


Lori from Handberg's Marine reported that is sounds like the Gorge was good for Crappies this past weekend.

Bruce Beste from Cabins on Crane reported and submitted the two photos below.  The first is of Danny from Missouri with a 50”  -  30.22 pound Sturgeon.  It is the largest fish Danny has ever caught beating a 15 pound pike.  He fought it for 25 minutes.  His fishing partner Jim said his heart was pounding because he was trying to net the fish.  Lots of excitement.  The fish was measured and released.   These two guys are up fishing bass.  The second photo is Eric with a 25 ¾” Walleye which was released on Namakan.  Besides catching the big walleye, his party caught their limits of slot sized walleye yesterday. IMG_2328 There were also reports of good fishing in Hammer Bay yesterday.  Overall, most had excellent fishing!


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