Voyageur Country ATV started late April of 2015.  We had 66 people at an Cty24organizational meeting on April 25 where all 66 joined the new club.  We have had tremendous support and interest from the local ATV community.  To date we have over 700 members.

Our membership includes folks from Orr, Leiding Township, Camp 5 Township, Crane Lake, Portage Township, Beatty Township, and Cook (plus other places).

Our mission is foremost to create an ATV trail system in Voyageur Country and to promote local business and commerce.  Then (secondly) to promote responsible riding on the system, and instruction for youth.

There are many miles of ATV trails in the forests between Cook, Lake Vermillion, Crane Lake, Elephant Lake, Myrtle Lake,  Pelican Lake, and Orr.

Fire TowerOur club has met with success involving the US Forest Service, St Louis County and the MN DNR to open many of our local roads to ATV use.  We have a preliminary map in the works with an expected publishing date of Memorial Weekend, 2017. 

At the last club ride, we had 83 ATV's with over 150 people in attendance.  We would love your support too!

Summer 2017 meeting schedule:  
May 10 - Trails End Resort,  June 14 - Wolf Bay Lodge, July 12 - Nelson's Resort, August 9th - the VRT, September 13 - Voyagaire Lodge.  Meetings begin at 7 pm.


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