Voyageur Country ATV Trails

10632799_1034822303212045_422108654001581391_nVoyageur Country ATV started in April of 2015.  We had 66 people at an Cty24organizational meeting where all 66 joined to form the new club.  We have had tremendous support and interest from the local ATV community.  To date we have over 700 members including folks from all over!

Visit the Voyageur Country ATV Website to learn more.
We are very pleased to be hosting the State-wide 2019 Ride and Rally here in Crane Lake.  Visit our website for details, or go to to register for this event.

Our mission is foremost to create an ATV trail system in Voyageur Country and to promote local business and commerce.  We also promote safe and enjoyable, responsible riding on the system, community service, and instruction for youth.

There are many miles of beautiful ATV trails in the forests between Cook, Lake Vermillion, Crane Lake, Elephant Lake, Myrtle Lake,  Pelican Lake, and Orr.  We are grateful to the loggers for opening up many of these corridors for us and for "sharing the road".

Fire TowerOur club has met with success involving the US Forest Service, St Louis County and the MN DNR to open many of our local roads to ATV use.  We have created a map (the first ATV map of this area) and currently we are spending grant awards to fund the construction of a bridge to connect existing trails on both sides of the Vermilion River. 

At the last club ride, we had 83 ATV's with over 150 people in attendance.  We would love your support too!  NEW in Crane Lake, summer 2019, ATV Rentals are available!  Call 218-235-0160 for details.

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