Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Arrange your Minnesota vacation in the beauty of the BWCA

Here in Northern Minnesota, the famed BWCA - Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Quetico Provincial Park of Ontario comprise the largest waterways wilderness in the world. This huge area with its thousands of lakes is dedicated to the paddling canoer.

The BWCA-Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northeastern Minnesota and the Quetico Provincial Park of Ontario, Canada consists of more than two million acres of International border lakes that are interconnect by portages, and canoe trails, which Voyageurs crossed hundreds of years ago. Today, you can paddle your canoe through one of the most beautiful places in the state of Minnesota. The pristine lakes and spectacular sunsets will bring you back every year. Opportunities also exist for hiking, kayaking, fine freshwater fishing, winter camping, dog sledding, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing. Most importantly this place will help us realize that we must preserve this phenomenal resource of "Wilderness." Entry points into the BWCA are established to help regulate the flow of visitors and increase your solitude experience

One of the pleasures in the Crane Lake Area of the BWCA country is the number of canoe routes we can offer you so as to match your interests, your ambitions and your skill level. There are over 1,000 clear water lakes in this million+ acre wilderness. It makes up the finest canoeing area available

The canoe and camping outfitters in Crane Lake can cater to your every need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip into the wilderness. Crane Lake is located at the western edge of the BWCAW and offers a unique way of entering the wilderness area. Canoe shuttles and mechanical portages are just a few of the ways to access this beautiful area. Contact a local outfitter for details.

Each visit to this area is a wilderness adventure. You encounter a never ending variety of clear water lakes and enjoy nature as it happens - from a feeding moose to a calling loon, fishing for a tasty walleye to listening to the crackle of your campfire, or just enjoying the fading sunset as dusk settles in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Summer Activities - A Canoeing Vacation
There are some people who will argue that the area around Crane Lake Area, including both the famous Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and our neighboring Quetico Provincial Park just north of the border in Canada, offers the best canoeing anywhere in the country. Certainly it is the most vast, and probably the most scenic, too. Here's an opportunity to explore a variety of lakes using a variety of canoes.