Feb 14, 2018



Crane Lake Bar & Grill
February 14 at 11:57am ·
Trail Report 2/14/18
It’s weird, it doesn’t seem as though we’ve had anymore then trace amounts of snow but honestly (of course) the North trail from Crane to the link was notably in better condition than last week with nearly no dips and I found no icy corners and it had many tracks on it, so I don’t think it had been groomed recently. The Link was really good and the same with the Arrowhead which I had not ridden the week before to compare. Obviously, there had been some fresh snow because it was really windy and it was whooping around in open areas and the blowing snow was filling low areas in the trail, snow puddles! But as easily as it blew in I’m sure it could blow out. Too bad, self-grooming trails would be awesome! I credit that early season melt (January) that made that wonderful snow asphalt base (my term for lots of snow that melts into wet granules then refreezes like asphalt). We rode onto Rainy Lake and went to the Thunderbird (say “Hi to Marilyn!) it was all good, some had been groomed and some hadn’t been yet and it was still good. I was working at the Bar last weekend quite a bit and everyone said the trails were good! I didn’t hear one negative. NOTE! As you’ve read in previous reports when we ride on Mondays and Tuesdays we encounter groomers on the trails grooming during the day and since it’s very difficult to get groomer grills out of in between your teeth BE AWARE! As one always should going around curves and hills. Some groomers do run during the day more so on early weekdays. The Crane Lake club rarely grooms during the day during prime season but they do go out early evenings on Sundays. Never the less, KNOW you need to watch for anything coming the other way. We rode the Chain of Lakes trail which obviously had not been groomed yet. It was bumpy on the trails but it’s so much fun I’d do it again today if I could. I’m sure it will be groomed again before the weekend although they don’t have a lot of snow to work with. We are forecasted to get snow tonight, lets hope that happens! So far it looks good on the radar. We rode Kab and Namakan home out on the lake. The wind was shifting direction so much that rather than drifts it was large smooth mounds (no vertical drift sides) and that was really different and I enjoyed it a lot. But the snow was ever changing with the wind. We were briefly on the staked trails and they were good Sandpoint and Crane were starting the form conventional drifts from this new mystery snow that showed up (when?). Riding tips~ When riding the lakes (we feel) it’s best to lock your feet into the front (under the cowl) and hold on very tightly with your hands (always) the faster I go the more I raise my elbows so the stronger part of my fingers are wrapped further around the handlebars. This has saved me many times from an unexpected launches that could have ended badly. My experience has been people get hurt when they separate from the machine while taking a flight. The machine will nearly always bring you through safely if you stay on it, I’ve seen and experienced this many times. Although it’s you’re call, situations can be different if you’re about to impact something, I’d bail. Trail riding feet underneath and the rougher the trail or the faster I go the higher my elbows are. This is merely a suggestion. Continue your happy snow dancing for snow and we will too. All’s good here, hope to see you soon, Carole.

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