January 21, 2019

Riders are very impressed with the trails here.  We have a great base of snow (18 inches)and groomers have hit everything by now.  The Arrowhead trail is being called "excellent" and our Clubs are out keeping everything smooth.  The green staked lake trail is fine and 99% smooth as long as you run 15 feet off of the stakes or more, after that you may start to hit those frozen slush ridges, so if you find yourself riding home on the lakes keep your group close to the stakes. The Voyageur natl park association which is a separate entity from Voyageurs Park has funded the grooming of the portages and we thank them so much. Kudos. We were 20-30 below subzero over the weekend so that should be tightening up what slush there was. Please know for those that don’t that there is good solid ice underneath that slush nearly everywhere!  The slush comes from snow weighing the ice down and there is always cracks in the ice from expansion and the water seeps through the cracks so know there is ice underneath.  Overall, trails are being called EXCELLENT.  A few trails on the lakes are not staked yet, but there is PLENTY of great riding in the warmer woods.

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